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Only through the protection of wild spaces, not species alone, will we be able to successfully preserve the Earth's biodiversity. Unfortunately, much of our land, water and atmosphere has been significantly and negatively altered. Some ecosystems have sustained such damage that they are beyond repair and we struggle to salvage what we can.

Zoological Parks, Aquariums and Botanical Gardens are important tools in protecting species at risk through conservation efforts, research and education. They are refuges for vanishing species. The ultimate goal is to preserve plants and animals, in the safety of captivity, so that once key habitats are protected and restored we will be able to re-establish self-sustaining populations.

Many species found today in captivity contribute to the overall survival of their race.

Wild things are safe in zoos and aquariums, but they are not saved in zoos and aquariums.

Jeffrey Bonner, AZA Board of Director


The Endangered Species Fund of Canada (ESFC) is a registered charity (#89032 5640 RR0001), which gives financial assistance to Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park to support their environmental education and wildlife conservation initiatives.

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The ESFC is a proud supporter of Panthera, whom work to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action. 100% of all contributions goes to support in-situ conservation and preservation efforts.

Amur leopard

Public Awareness and Education
As representatives for their species, many on the verge of extinction, animals in accredited zoological parks are an influential means to generate public awareness and concern, encouraging environmentally conscientious and responsible behaviour.